Counseling & Support Groups

Distanced Couple

Newly Separated & Divorcing

Mondays 4:30 - 5:30 PM 

A place to share the difficult emotions, gain support and feel less alone. 

For more information, call 818.784.1414 ask for Jane Blitz or Rozita Koreie.

Holding Hands

Special Marriage Enhancement Course

Fee: $150 for a 5-session course

Provides an opportunity to place a relationship on solid ground before marriage or after by addressing the common issues known to cause difficulties in a marriage. This course will also be of value, regardless of a couple's age, gender issues, religion, or the number of previous marriages. You are urged to spend a few hours investing in strengthening this most precious relationship. The course includes five 90 minute sessions with a trained relationship counselor.


Young adults 19 - 30

Mondays 7:00 - 8:30 PM

A place to share and gain insights along with life skills to handle stress... and EVERYTHING else!!! 

For more information, call 818.784.1414

ask for Jerry Levine or Gail Mintz.

Holding Hands

Nutrition Support Group


Research indicates nutrition can improve mental health: reduce anxiety, diminish stress, as well as reduce the risk of many devastating diseases.

Led by Art Kress, Registered Dietician/Nutritionist, call 818.784.1414 and ask for Art.

Teen Ballet Dancer

Woman in Transition

Mondays 4:45 - 6:15 PM 

Led by Linda Pachino and Susan Samuels.

We ask for $15 per session.

Groups meet in the VBS Counseling Center, located on the lower level of the main Valley Beth Shalom synagogue building.

Group participants are pre-screened at the VBS Counseling Center. Groups will be formed according to need.

Contact the VBS Counseling Center at 818.784.1414 for more information.